Northwestern online courses 2021

Best Northwestern online courses 2021

Northwestern University is classed one of the best 25 Universities in the world!.
it was established in 1851 in the American United sates.
It offered online courses, some of them are free, so you can study from it and get Northwestern certificates from any place In the world !.

What are the topics of Northwestern online courses ?

It contains a big group of topics and subjects that offered by online courses or programs, which are :



The university deals with many E-learning platforms,
so you can get these courses from many sites or from the Official Northwestern site,
but here I will choose the Coursera platform because it has a big number of Northwestern online courses, and the search in it is easy the filtering feature, that means you can choose the course that suitable for your level ( beginner, intermediate, professional ), free/paid, the language, skill, subject, and the duration of the course.
So, in this article, I’m gonna give you some courses in different subjects.

Top-rated and most popular Northwestern online course:

Northwestern online courses in Business:

Innovation for Impact (i4i) The Carlson-Polizzotto Method of Value Creation:

Watch Curt and Len coach 4 groups of professionals, each from distinctly different industries, tech, startup, education, and marketing,
and learn alongside them as they use the Value Creation methodology to increase the power of their organization’s value proposition.
Evaluate the benefits of implementing a Value Creation practice that can impact your own strategic business initiatives,
so you can successfully create your business’ value proposition.

Rate: 4.8
Level: Beginner
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Northwestern online courses in Information Technology:

Data Privacy Fundamentals:

Data privacy is an important issue and a source of concern for many public and private companies, as well as individuals, therefore,
this Northwestern online course will allow you to learn the secrets of data privacy by discussing with experts in this field and listening to the problems they faced in data privacy.

Rate: 4.8
Time: 9 hours to complete
Level: Beginner
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Northwestern online courses in Healthcare:

1- Business Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare:

1- Determine the factors involved in decision support that can improve business performance across the provider/payer ecosystem

2- Identify opportunities for business applications in healthcare
by applying journey mapping and pain point analysis in a real-world context

3- Identify differences in methods and techniques to appropriately apply to pain points using case studies

4- Critically assess the opportunities to leverage decision support in adapting to trends in the industry

Rate: 4.2
Time: 13 hours to complete
Level: Intermediate
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2- Healthcare Consumerism and Implication for Care Delivery:

Consumers are asking for more accountability in how healthcare is delivered and paid for.
Healthcare professionals must make sure that they are delivering high-quality, personalized care.
Some of the topics they’ll cover in this Northwestern online course are the healthcare ecosystem, new technologies in healthcare, the development of new payment models, change management in healthcare, data analytics.

Rate: 4.5
Time: 14 hours to complete
Level: Beginner
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3- Future Healthcare Payment Models:

In this course, you will learn new payment plans for health care, since they can sometimes be expensive and expensive,
you will learn new payment systems that include health insurance fees, health care provider dues.
Healthcare tools and devices used, and other things that make you draw up an accurate payment plan.
Rate: 4.5
Time: 16 hours to complete
Level: Beginner
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4- Evaluating the Quality of Healthcare Delivery:

In this online course, you will learn about health care service quality standards by discussing many issues,
and learning on websites that compare private care providers in the U.S.A
This course is for all people who are looking for a good carer for themselves or their family,
or for people who are interested in the healthcare business, healthcare companies…

Rate: 4.7
Time: 9 hours to complete
Level: Beginner
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Finally, I wanna remember you it’s just a small group of Northwestern courses.
So if you want more of them, visit the main site of Northwestern university by click here.

Thanks for reading.

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